For the 2019 award, the curator is Anthony Reynolds, the artists he has nominated for the grant are:

Ian Bourn
Clodagh Emoe
Andreas R. Kassapis
Sally O’Reilly
Katie Paterson
Zineb Sedira
Blast Theory
Padraig Timoney

The artists’ chosen work will be installed at Annely Juda Fine Art and a panel of judges, made up of the five trustees of the Charity and three guest judges will decide to whom the grant will be given. This year’s guest judges are:

Andrea Rose, Former Director of Visual Arts, British Council
Andrew Wilson, Senior Curator at Tate Britain
Reinhard Spieler, Director of the Sprengel Museum, Hannover

There will be a reception in the evening of Thursday 12th September 2019 between 6:00 – 8:00pm at Annely Juda Fine Art for the artists and the recipient to be announced.  

The 2018 David and Yuko Juda Art Foundation Grant of £ 50,000 was given to Kathy Prendergast. A special second grant of £ 10,000 went to Imogen Stidworthy.

The first grant was presented on 7 September 2018. The curator for the 2018 grant was Richard Grayson and the nominated artists were Sonia Boyce, Adam Chodzko, Benedict Drew, Graham Gussin, Joanna Kirk, Aleksandra Mir, Kathy Prendergast and Imogen Stidworthy. The panel of judges was made up of the charity’s five trustees: David and Yuko Juda, Paul Calkin, Rupert Faulkner and Nina Fellmann; and three expert judges: Andrea Rose, former Director of Visual Arts at the British Council; Andrew Wilson, Senior Curator at Tate Britain; Reinhard Spieler, Director of the Sprengel Museum, Hanover.